Red Pill Lab applies deep learning algorithms to optimize the workflow of real- time character animation. The mission is to solve the expensive cost of conventional motion capture system. Its voice-to-facial engine and full body IK-solver work together to add a new level of realism to virtual characters in AR/VR games and other industries.

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Fluent Real-Time 
Body Movement

Red Pill Live

Real-time Lip Sync

& Facial Expression

Red Pill Live makes it easy and affordable to animate and control digital characters in real-time. We combine deep learning and motion capture technology to bring vivid facial and live body motion to your IP.

Red Pill Live Hardware Cost vs. Conventional Mocap : 1%

6 sensors,   1 microphone, 1 backpack, any room

Facial Animation by Deep Learning

GPU accelerated neural network for live facial performance.

Full Body Motion Assisted by A.I.

Realistic body motion using AI and advanced motion capture techniques.

Open Platform to integrate 3D Character

Take less than 10 mins to bring 3D character to live for production or streaming. 


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